There has been a predominance of the unbalanced unconscious masculine energy on earth for the past 13,000pic nicholas davidyears. Since the end of 2012 the Divine Feminine energy on the planet has been rising to rebalance this inequity.  How does this affect the expression of men and woman both individually and in relationships?  We have grown quite accustomed to our roles, dysfunctional as they have become, so now, how do we navigate our way through this rebalancing process?  One has to wonder how this will effect human and planetary consciousness overall and what part do we or can we play in this process? Where is this  us and what does this look like?

In this episode, Nicolas will be answering these questions and others and talking about ways in which we can balance the male and female energies on the planet.  Nicolas has developed a profoundly transformative body of Soul Contract work at the Center for Conscious Ascension in conjunction with Dr. Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire. They are regarded as world leaders in this field and have been working at the cutting edge of raising human consciousness for over 20 years.

This interview will be based upon over 33 years of their combined experience in helping thousands of people around the world to understand their lives, embody and express their higher consciousness and transmute their emotional separation programming, thus creating more fulfilling, empowered, joyful and conscious lives.

Nicolas is the Amazon UK #1 best-selling author of Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology. You can find more about Nicolas and his work at

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